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Welcome to Electric Himalaya , a synthesiser sound design lab specialising in VSTi instruments as well as selected hardware synthesisers.

“My aim is to provide high quality presets and sound banks for contemporary electronic music production. I sell my sound banks directly on this website as well as work with companies and developers on default library and expansion sound sets” -  Electric Himalaya

String Studio VS-1 Tone2 Saurus Korg MonoPoly U-he Zebra2 Analog Memories Rhino - Sequence & Motion Rhino- Electro Funk Tassman4 Yamaha SY77

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U-he Zebra2 Cinematic

A twisted exploration of the Diva MS-20 synth engine. 88 presets of dark, gritty, resonant sounds.  More info…>

NEW: U-He Diva ‘Into Darkness’

Into Darkness