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14 June 2016

A new sound bank is released after a long absence. ‘Revitalise’ for FXpansion Tremor, updates the Tremor sound with a much more contemporary, sleek and punchy set of individual hits, kits and patterns.

5 audio demos showcase the set in full. Read more…>

Since 2013 I have been employed by a hardware instrument manufacturer as a full time sound designer.

Autumn 2013

Factory presets supplied for Applied Acoustics Systems ‘Ultra Analog’ VA-2 synth.

Summer 2012

I was involved in the Steinberg Padshop Pro factory set, also Zero Gravity expansion set, as well as Halion Sonic SE for Cubase 6 SE.

03 June 2012

‘OLD VOLT’ - 159 presets for Tone2 Saurus VA synth. Vintage and more vintage. It’s very vintage. Listen to those Saurus demos >>

14 April 2012

Fxpansion releases my 3rd DCAM sound bank for Cypher: Himalaya: Electricity >>

07 April 2011

‘Funk Retrospective’ a new sound bank for Korg MonoPoly synth >>

18 March 2011

Modernity - a new sound bank for Fxpansion’s DCAM Synth Squad is released. More info >>

Welcome to Electric Himalaya , a synthesiser sound design lab specialising in VSTi instruments as well as selected hardware synthesisers.

My aim is to provide high quality presets and sound banks for contemporary electronic music production. I sell my sound banks directly on this website as well as work with companies and developers on default library and expansion sound sets.