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Korg MonoPoly KLC ‘Funk Retrospective’ sound bank (128 presets).

Vintage Funk in the style of George Duke, Herbie Hancock, P-Funk, 1980s Boogie/Funk/Disco... It’s here! Resonant vintage basses, tight and deep Boogie basses, P-Funk saw monster basses, leads straight from a MiniMoog on an Odyssey trip, smoky keys, spiky clavinets, synth keys and brassy synth stabs which fans of D-Train, Cameo, et al will recognise instantly. If you play Funk/Soul/Old School Electro/Disco, this sound bank is for you.


MP3 DEMOS mini compositions with drums

1. Headhunting - Herbie Hancock is riding the Chameleon

2. Sticky Duke - George Duke has popped in on the session...

3. Going Home - influenced by Billy Preston's 1970s output.

4. Eternal Funk - P-Funked Boogie Disco number

5. Take the D-Train - surely, by now you are dancing!?

6. Be My Guest

The following demo showcases a selection of tight Boogie basses:

7. Boogie Sensuality - it was supposed to be a D-Train fare, but turned out into an atmospheric bassfest.

Demos 1 to 7 produced by Jim Alfredson. Demo 7 produced by Electric-Himalaya

Korg MonoPoly KLC

‘Funk Retrospective’ sound bank


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- 128 presets for Korg MonoPoly KLC software synth. PDF guide.

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