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AAS String-Studio VS-1
‘Dreamstate’ sound set

Enter the imaginary world of hybrid plucks, textured pads, rustic bowed leads, fluid guitars, ethno drones. 64 finely crafted presets for String Studio VS-1 and VS-2 acoustic modelling synth (includes 64 preset-specific Midi Maps).

A sound bank for musicians who like to play not hindered by music genres, and yet one that will add something special to any genre. For those who like their sounds to exhibit a certain ‘other’ dimension which sometimes may be resonating, gritty, otherworldly, reminiscent of lost lands, but always inspiring. Playable but moody. Synthesised but real sounding. 

An antidote to all things ‘unison’ and ‘electro’. Enter the Dreamstate.

User comments

"...There are 64 really great presets complete with midi maps which allow for some serious expression through aftertouch and the mod wheel. I must say although he says there is a leaning toward out of worldly sounds and there are plenty of those to be had.
In fact I just love how strange and etherial this instrument can sound considering one of its jobs is to emulate very acoustic sounding things. And it does a mighty fine job of that too.
There are some very acoustic sounds even in this library. So great programming and well done. Love it! "

Jeff Evans

“I've now had a chance to install and play with this sound bank - I just wanted to say thanks! There are many excellent sounds in this bank, very inspiring!”
D.S. (via email)

Purchase content

- 64 presets for String Studio VS-1 + MIDI Links
- PDF guide


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AAS String-Studio VS-1 soft synth
‘Dreamstate’ sound set


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