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Arturia MiniBrute presets.

It’s time to go back to the old school method of patch storage: Pen and paper!

Here you can listen to presets created for the excellent MiniBrute and download the corresponding patch sheet. All patches are free.

The patch sheet used is a modified version of the one which comes with Minibrute and makes precise marking of all settings much easier.

This page will be updated with new presets as they are made, so make sure that you come back if in need of extra sounds for your MiniBrute.

*Please do not hot-link to these files but visit this page directly. Thank you*




Audio demo                     Patch download (jpg image)

1. Vintage Fade Lead          ‘Vintage Fade’ Lead patch       

2. BPF Tri Bass                   ‘BPF Tri Bass’ patch

3. Dual Osc Lead                ‘Dual Osc Lead’ patch

4. The Hustler Lead            ‘The Hustler Lead’ patch

5. Dizonanz Glide Pluck        ‘Dizonanz Glide Pluck’ patch