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The first review is in!

Karl Foster publishes a review of Himalaya:Pads on MuzeBlog>>

MP3 DEMOS (Vol 1 only)

Demo 1 - presets with new sample content. (5.7 MB)

Demo 2 - the smooth and the lush (7.6 MB)

Demo 3 - ‘analog’ VA presets (5 MB)

Demo 4 - This one shows Remix Pad assignments.

Demo 5 - A few granular and ‘textured’ presets

Customer comments

Full sound set as sold by Camel Audio:

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the fantastic sound-bank.  I got the Himalaya Pads collection today from Camel Audio and it is truly mind-blowing.  Should keep me busy for a while. Best wishes.

Will Humphreys  (via email)

The original Vol 1 collection:

“A great collection of alchemy   presets. your sounds are among my favourite third-party synth presets (i also own  your synth squad and tassman collections). Keep up the good work.”

R.G. from Germany (via email)

"these are absolutely FANTASTIC. Thank you very much indeed! I would highly recommend this soundset to every Alchemy user"

sequent 7 (KVR forum)

"I have to say... this really is definitely my favourite bank on Alchemy ......I am glad I can find lots of use for your presets...hoping you make more banks for Alchemy." RSP (via email)

" These are really,REALLY good. I could hear a great analog legacy in the demos's but these also exude and excel in combining a creamy Tomita-like goodness with some very new, modern, abstract textures (especially via Kore, where I principally live)." Loopy C (via email)

"many thanks for the excellent sounds. It'll take quite some time to
really explore the depths of these patches -- but it'll be time well
and enjoyingly spent!

HT from Finland (via email)"

Alchemy Pads Vol 1 is now updated.

The Vol 1 sound bank released on 18.09.2009 is now updated with 79 new sounds and 147 MB of new samples. It is available as a new product distributed and sold by Camel Audio.

The new sample content and presets include choirs, vintage string sounds, step sequenced pads, lush strings, more pads using cross fades, more granular sounds, etc.

For more information, new demos and price please visit

the Camel Audio product page.

For anyone interested in audio demos, below you can listen to the original demos of the original Vol 1 sound bank. Please note that there are new demos showing the new content on Camel Audio Himalaya Pads page.

Alchemy ‘PADS VOL1’  - a new sound bank is released ! UPDATED

Camel Audio’s Alchemy is primed with features that make the smoothest and lushest pads. And so, this collection of presets is designed to provide smooth, playable and practical sounds. All presets have musical and carefully designed Remix Pads assignments which when swept in a clockwise direction will produce interesting timbre and dynamic changes.

This collection consists of factory samples, custom samples (about 12MB), additive, granular and VA sources.


This sound bank is now available with Kore sound presets. The conversion was performed by ‘aMused’ and ‘losan’, KVR forum members. Many thanks to you for the time and effort!




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