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U-he Diva  
'Into Darkness’ sound set

An exploration of the MS-20 sound engine in Diva

This collection of 88 sounds is about the road less travelled. A road that leads into darker moods with strong resonant peaks, distorted edges and mysterious valleys.
An exploration of the MS-20 synth engine focusing on the dual resonant filters.

Washed out bells, hazy leads, deep drones, haunted pads and twisted textures. Stranger than many strange things. Sombre shapes moving through the ether and sorrowful memories of past lives will lead you….Into Darkness.

These sounds will add a mysterious and dark quality to any techno, cinematic or downtempo track. Whole ambient tracks can be created just with this small selection of patches remembering the darker, more sombre undertone permeating all sounds. A perfect set of sounds for darker movie and game scores. Don’t be afraid…go Into Darkness

Preset categories

6 Arpeggio
10 Bass
4 Bells
7 Effects
14 Pads
12 Keys
8 Leads
11 Synth - various
14 Textures 

Purchase content

- 88 DIVA presets
- PDF guide


Instant. Download link is provided immediately after purchase and also sent to the email address provided during purchase.

U-he Diva ‘Into Darkness’
sound set


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