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11 February 2021

Into Darkness for U-he DIVA released. 88 dark, gritty, resonant sounds exploring the MS-20 engine.

January 2021

Over 150 presets supplied to TAL-Audio for their new Jupiter-8 synth plugin. Presets included in the factory set.

November 2017

‘Analog Memories’ for U-he Zebra released with 240 lush presets.


Lots of factory presets supplied for U-he Repro-1 and Repro-5. State of the art synths. Get them now!

June 14 2016

FXpansion Tremor ‘Revitalise’ sound set is released. A punchy set of very usable sounds ready for your next hit.

Au tumn 2013

Factory presets supplied for Applied Acoustics System’s ‘Ultra Analog’ VA-2 synth.

Summer 2012

I was involved in the Steinberg Padshop Pro factory set, also the Zero Gravity expansion set, as well as Halion Sonic SE for Cubase 6 SE.

03 June 2012

‘OLD VOLT’, a new sound bank for Tone2’s Saurus VA synth. 159 presets influenced by the vintage sound of the 1970s and early 80s. Lots of mono synths, string machines, poly synth keys, brass, sound effects and arpeggios.  Saurus OLD VOLT demos >>

14 April 2012

Fxpansion releases my 3rd DCAM sound bank for Cypher: Himalaya: Electricity >>

Inspired by 1980s Synth Pop Electricity offers very playable sounds perfect for Electro Pop genres.

10 April 2012

Tone 2 releases ‘Saurus’, a Virtual Analog synthesiser which includes my presets.

Check it out! Saurus sounds superb!

January 2012

Fxpansion releases Tremor which comes with a selection of my beats.

22 November 2011

Himalaya: Vintage for Camel Audio Alchemy is released.

Vintage sounds for your Funk, Boogie, Synth Pop and Old School electronica music. Sampled: Oberheim OBXa, Minimoog Model D, Arp Solina, Mellotron M400, Roland VP330, Korg Mini700, Moog Taurus mk1, Roland RS-202, Hohner D6 Clavinet with lots of authentic vintage presets.

More info at the Camel Audio Himalaya:Vintage page >>

07 April 2011

Korg MonoPoly ‘Funk Retrospective’ sound bank is released with some fabulous demos

by Jim Alfredson. We’ve got the Funk and you can have it too >>

18 March 2011

Modernity - a new sound bank for Fxpansion’s DCAM Synth Squad is released.

More info >>


Through out 2010 I was involved in most of the Alchemy sound banks released by Camel Audio. Dubstep, Arp Dimensions, Cinematic, Planet Earth, etc...


Tone2’s new ElectraX synth comes with 85 Electric-Himalaya presets.


AAS String Studio VS-1 sound bank with 64 presets is released. Read more >>


The Tassman 4 Electronic Toolkit sound bank is updated with 51 new performances.

A special price is also offered to coincide with AAS Tassman 4 sale. More info>>


Karl Foster publishes a review of Himalaya:Pads on MuzeBlog>>


The Alchemy Pads Vol 1 sound bank is updated with 79 new presets and 147 MB of new sample material.  It is now distributed and sold by Camel Audio - Himalaya Pads.


A new sound bank for Fxpansion’s DCAM Synth Squad ! Over 250 presets for Cypher and Fusor. This sound bank is released directly by Fxpansion. More info>>


The ‘Electro Funk’ Rhino sound bank is updated with 20 new sounds and other improvements to existing sounds. That’s 84 presets for the same price of 12 Euro!

Also, to celebrate the release of Rhino 2.5 there is a special offer now on >>


Alchemy Pads Vol 1 is updated with Native Instruments Kore presets.


Alchemy Pads Vol 1 sound bank released. Alchemy sound bank info, mp3 demos>>


The original Yamaha SY77 ‘Pads & Textures’ sound bank is made available for Yamaha SY99. Read more>>

March 2009

Commision sound design for FXpansion D-CAM Synth Squad.

Winter 2008-2009

Commision sound design work for Ableton Live8 instruments and FX:

Tension, Collision, Corpus, Sampler.


The June 2008 issue of the Computer Music magazine included a special version of the Richman2 synth, RichmanCM, which comes with 64 ‘himalaya’ presets. More info>>


The Tassman 4 ‘Electronic Toolkit’ soundbank is updated with two new

instruments and performances. A detailed look at both instruments here>>


Krakli’s new S3K synth is released. 64  ‘himalaya’ presets included.


Krakli’s new S3B synth is released with 64 ‘himalaya’ presets.


New Rhino sound bank: ‘Electro Funk’ is out. More info>>


New Rhino sound bank ‘Sequence & Motion’ is released. More info>>


Yamaha SY77 sound bank ‘Pads & Textures’ is released. More info.>


A free Richman2 sound bank is released. Here>>


New Sound Bank and website launch. is launched with an exciting collection of brand new sounds for the mighty Tassman 4 ! Over 500 high quality presets ! Let’s party !