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1. Q:Why is the Tassman sound bank so large ? Surely it looks like quantity over quality ?

A: This bank is the result of me wanting to have my own alternative Tassman sound library which would contain everything I’d need for electronic music production. I felt I could improve on many of the sounds (especially pads) and so the work started. It took a long time to complete, so it wasn’t rushed with a deadline in mind. Therefore, I’m convinced that it is a quality collection. User  feedback seems to confirm this.


1. Q: Why is the floppy disk given away for free ?

A: Please note: the floppy disk comes free when you purchase the SysEx format sound bank. Most SY77 users report that their floppy disk drive is either broken or in the middle of repairs, perhaps never being repaired. I thought it would be nice to offer it for free to those who have a working drive on their SY77. It’s always nice to have a physical product, and since floppies are cheap, so is postage, a special offer was in order :-) The floppy is available until my SY77s floppy drive stops working.

The floppy disk is available only in the SY77 format (SY99 users - sorry, I don’t own an SY99 and so I’m unable to save the sound bank in SY99 format).

2. Q: Are you going to release more SY77 sound banks?

A: Yes, I would love to, time permitting. Most of my sounds are spread across hundreds of floppy disks. So it’s a matter of finding the will power to go through it all, assess and re-edit if need be (to bring up to date) and hope that my floppy drive doesn’t break in the process. :-)

Sound Banks

1. Q: Are you going to release free sound sets ?

A: Most definitely. See some of my Krakli banks.

2. Q: Can I use these sounds in commercial releases ?

A: Yes. That’s the idea ! But please don’t re-distribute sounds in any way or form. No commercial preset compilations, sampling or resynthesis (for use in other products) without prior agreement. Thank you.

Korg MonoPoly KLC

Q. Is this sound bank for the hardware MonoPoly?

A: No. It’s for the Korg Legacy Edition software MonoPoly.