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FXpansion Tremor drum synthesiser 
‘Revitalise’ sound set

Revitalise your Tremor hits, kits and patterns with a set that provides a more commercial sound. Highly polished club, dance, urban and pop content with a wide selection of clean and punchy kicks, snares, smooth hats, lush claps, sizzling cymbals, a huge variety of percussion sounds, glitch noises and more.

With a particular focus on kicks, this set provides over 70 kicks alone which are punchy, up front, deep and immanently usable in various dance club styles as well as urban genres like Trap and Funk.

A comprehensive collection of practical patterns will aid in quick stimulation of the creative juices. Lots of 4-on-the-floor patterns makes this a particular favourite for dance productions.

Each drum preset contains pre-programmed performance knobs for quick editing of the preset in the mix. Most patterns use Graph modulation to add subtle (or not) variation to the mix.

Presets, kits and pattern content:

75 Kicks
42 Snares
26 Hats
24 Claps
10 Cymbals
52 Percussion
19 Toms
15 Glitch
TOTAL: 263 sounds

34 4-on-the-floor kits
10 Break-beat kits
17 Urban kits
5 Drum&Bass kits
4 Glitch kits
2 Downtempo kits

TOTAL: 72 kits

34 4-on-the -floor patterns
10 Break-beat patterns
18 Urban kits patterns
5 Drum&Bass patterns
3 Glitch patterns
2 Downtempo

TOTAL: 72 patterns

Purchase content

- Mac and Win installer
- PDF guide


Instant. Download link is provided immediately after purchase and also sent to the email address provided during purchase.

FXpansion Tremor ‘Revitalise'
sound set


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