In no particular order, projects done for film composers, companies, developers:

Lead sound design, sample recording sessions, product co-design (Equator1), VIP demonstrations, audio engineering, artist support
ROLI/Luminary (2012 - ongoing)

Specialist audio consultancy, audio restoration
Kano (Donda player) 2021

synth sound design, music augmentation
Hans Zimmer (James Bond ‘No Time To Die”) 2019

synth sound design
Andrew Kawczynski (Top Gun2) 2019

synth sound design
Danny Elfman (50 Shades of Grey). Project done via Camel Audio.

Audio restoration
Christopher Cunniff (TV documentary) 2015

working with artists (through ROLI):
Rudimental, RZA, custom synth patches for Bill Laurance, Ann-Marie Borg

Sound Design
Apple (Alchemy2)

Sound Design
Steinberg (Pad Shop Pro and Sonic SE ‘Zero Gravity) 2012

Sound Design
Ableton (Live Suite instruments) 2009

plus many other projects for companies like U-he, Applied Acoustic Systems, Tone2, FXpansion, Camel Audio...

It’s ALIVE! 

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