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Rhino ‘Sequences & Motion’

sound bank

Price €12

RHINO ‘Sequence & Motion’

This sound bank of 64 presets consists of complex multi-layered soundscapes, ambient motion  pads, beautiful harp sequences, old school electronica riffs (think Tangerine Dream), ethnic plucked string loops, wind chimes...

QUICK DEMO... 1.6MB. More detailed demos below.

The aim was to provide musically useful content which could inspire with just one note playing while allowing as much real-time sonic control as possible using all six quick edit sliders.

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There are two sound categories:

MOT - Motion. Uses multi-point looped envelopes. Good for chords.

SEQ - Sequence. Uses the internal sequencer for melodic and random sequences. Sounds are suitable for playback with one or two notes, providing cascading, dreamy, spaced-out atmospheres.

Rhino's sequencer can be easily turned off leaving all the layers and sound programming intact which makes it easy to play these sounds away from the pre-defined scales.

This sound bank is for all the dreamers, electro ambient and new age musicians, those who like to immerse in deep soundscapes and beautiful motifs while doing live sound editing with Rhino’s performance sliders.

FXB presets DEMO: a demo of 7 presets. DOWNLOAD...>>> 132 KB ZIP

MP3 DEMOS (encoded at 196 Kbps)

To showcase real-time editing using Rhino’s sliders, most demos are long.

Lush Soundscapes 11MB  8 min.

Ambient pads  5MB

Old School TD-style bass 1MB. 1 preset going through all six sliders.  

Notes played: G and C. Notice the real-time pattern change.

Ethnic 3MB - these are rustic, resonating, gritty, sounds.

Purchase content:

- Rhino v2.04 sound bank (FXB format)



Download link is provided immediately after purchase and also sent to the email address provided during purchase.

Customer comments:

“Congratulations - you've proved Rhino an essential purchase. Lovely, delicate, complex...”

Madrayken - KVR Forum

I don't know what else to say except I'm in radical awe at this sound bank.

It's BEAUTIFUL, inspiring and totally makes Rhino shine, alive for me. Thanks, himalaya.

mayan - KVR F

“all i know is this soundbank ROKZ!”

ttoz - KVR forumorum

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