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Yamaha SY77 SysEx transfer guide.

To transfer the SysEx file I recommend using the freeware program the C6, which is made by Elektron. Elektron have kindly agreed to freely link to the program. Many Thanks !

‘C6’ is extremely easy to use and is available for Mac and PC.

Download from: in the 'Home Computer Applications' section.

Here's a step by step guide how to transfer the SysEx file:

1. Connect your SY77 to the PC soundcard, midi in both directions.

2. On Sy77, go to UTILITY, press F2 (MIDI)


4. Press F6 and set BULK PROTECT to 'OFF'

The SY77 is now ready to receive the SysEx file.

5. Open the SysEx file in your sequencer or the freeware SysEx program 'C6'.

For transfering the SysEx file from your sequencer refer to its help guide.

In the C6 program, simply click SEND and all 64 voices will be transferred to your SY77. The SY77 will automatically receive all voices. You can see the voice count on the LCD as it is being received.

6. All done ! Happy music making!

Please don’t forget, that if your SY77 has a working floppy disk drive, you can request the bank on a floppy, free of charge ! If you haven’t done so during purchase, please email your PayPal receipt number, your full name and address; and the floppy disk will be with you within 14 days !


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