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I'm very happy to announce that my Yamaha SY77 soundbank 'Pads & Textures' is now available for the SY99.

The SY99 has a different and much improved effects section which means that some SY77 presets imported into SY99 will not sound as intended. I don't actually own an SY99 and so have never been able to conduct a conversion process to make sure that SY77 presets sound the same in SY99, and so this sound bank has never been officially promoted as compatible with SY99.

However, thanks to Jim Alfredson (of the Organissmo trio) who bought the original SY77 sound bank and has converted it to SY99, I am able to offer a tweaked SY99 version.

Jim has taken time and effort to tweak all presets in SY99 to sound as close to my original SY77 ones as possible. I am truly grateful to Jim for this work, especially as the reason for doing it was, in Jim’s words:

I did this because I have been very inspired by your soundset. It has gotten me back into synthesis...”

Thank you Jim !

This sound bank is available on the SY77 main page.

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