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Fxpansion DCAM Synth Squad - Antiquity sound bank    

Released 23/04/2010

This sound bank is sold directly by Fxpansion.

“FXpansion is proud to present Himalaya: Antiquity, a DCAM: Synth Squad Preset Pack produced by Electric Himalaya.

The scope of Antiquity's chunky, vintage sounds is breathtaking, and its musical character will keep you playing for hours.”

More info, demos and prices go to:  Antiquity sound bank.




Customer comments:

“Damn! All I can say is please keep the presets coming! I knew these synths were capable of some super fantastic unreal sounds but I also knew I don't have the time, patience or skill as a programmer to bring them to life....thank God you do! I had made up my mind to pass these by and did, I even bought something else that was more focused on presets.(IK Multimedia Workstation/white box) strong as well, but with Antiquity, I can do even more unique/original material. Thank you for putting some true creative excitement back in my brain! Can't wait for you to work your magic on STROBE and AMBER!! ”

O'Bryan (via email)

“Just a few words of appreciation... I got the Antiquity sound bank, and after playing around with it... it's so very, very good! Well done, man! I usually do all my own sounds, and I almost never buy expansions for my synths, but the demos really convinced me. You really tamed the beasty Cypher, and got some awesome and varied nostalgia out of it.

Off to play some 70s Genesis and Gentle Giant prog tunes...”

ariston KVR forum post

“Just bought it. I've been waiting for these.

I love that old sound. Especially those 1970s Stevie Wonder/Hancock sounds”.

Dcspears Fxpansion forum post

“Awesome, bought the presets a few hours ago and have been thoroughly enjoying them! Nice one Himalaya”

Delie  Fxpansion forum post

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