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A detailed look at the Walrus and Duke PM Drum instruments udpate.

Free to all customers who bought the Electronic Toolkit soundbank.

 1. Walrus bass synth.

 The idea behind this synth was to have a very flexible bass synth,  containing several synthesis engines and sound shaping options:

 - A PM String generator + filter

 - Two analog VCO modules + filter

 - One FM

 - waveshapers

 - master filter

 - all sound generating modules can be individually routed to

 the waveshapers and the master filter. This filter can add very

 aggressive formants.

 Walrus can produce a wide pallet of bass sounds, from clean bass

 guitar, analog, hybrid, overdriven and nasty, to cool electro sounds

 with vocal formant sweeps. Mp3 demo

 2. Duke PM Drum - percussion drum machine.


 This is a complex and versatile physical modeling percussion instrument, with six sound modules:

- 2 membrane

- 2 beam

- 1 hybrid synth

- 1 analog/hybrid hi-hat

There is lot’s of fun to be had making ethnic sounding percussion loops that can sound very real: Ethnic loops mp3.

A more dance influenced demo, still keeping to an ethnic feel:

Dance mp3

This instrument benefits from a 22” screen monitor. A 19” monitor minimum is recommended.

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Customer comments

(via email):

“The two new Tassman instruments are awesome. Respect.”

Lind Bohm, Krautnoise

"The demos sound great! This is some of the first Tassman patches  that sound truly 'organic'. Thanks for all your inspired work!"
W Poz

“These are both fascinating instruments that take the Tassman ‘where  no Tassman has gone before’."
William O'Connell