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Tone2 Saurus ‘OLD VOLT’ sound bank.

Vintage mono synths, string synths and lush pads, Berlin School arpeggios, dusty leads and plucks, lounge wha-wha synth keys... The real vintage and quirky vibe for those seeking the ‘analog’ sound. An eclectic set of 159 patches  influenced by the 1970s and early 1980s with some twists here and there. The sound set is suitable for old school electronic music, early synth pop, electro lounge, or anything your creativity can muster.

MP3 demos mini compositions. Drums courtesy of GURU. All demos are presented without any mix processing (no EQ, compression or limiting).


2. Have you seen Skrillex?

3. Kraftvolt

4. Tangerine

5. Synthpop

6. Night Drive

7. A Dream Of Fluffy Arpeggios and Canned Tangerines

8. Italo Disco

9. Single presets demo

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Saurus ‘OLD VOLT’ sound bank


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- 159 presets for Tone2 Saurus  software synth. PDF guide.

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- ZIP file email attachment.

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- within 24 hours from purchase. Usually much faster. *Manual delivery*

Customer comments

“Your Saurus sounds are great, especially the arps but the others too. I´m a fan of ELP, Wakeman, Tangerine Dream. So they fit perfect.

All I can say is more more more.”

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