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Tremor  Revitalise sound bank

Thanks for making this lovely Tremor library Raphael.. inspired and well thought of... i would be glad to buy the upcoming one that you will make.

Atheer Hanna

Music Producer (via email)

“I just got your Tremor sound bank yesterday, and I’ve been up since – I really have to say WOW, I am really blown away. Really fantastic work “

L.Z. (Via email)

“Picked them up. Wow these sounds really make the factory ones sound awful in comparison. Fxpansion really needs to incorporate/license some of these from you. It really shows off how "classic" it can sound. Congrats.”


KVRAudio forum post

Saurus Old Volt sound bank

 Your Saurus sounds are great, especially the arps but the others too. I´m a fan of ELP, Wakeman, Tangerine Dream. So they fit perfect.  All I can say is more more more.”

A.Z. (via email)

Alchemy Vintage sound bank

“I got your Vintage sound bank.

Congratulations! It is the best Vintage soundbank I ever heard.”


String Studio VS-1 Dreamstate sound bank.

“Just wanted to say what an outstanding job you have done again! Just picked up

VS-1 via's 'no brainer', these patches multiplied the value of it exponentially. It's great to see the wonderful expertise you applied to your previous 'Alchemy' sets transformed into such a different realm :D Anyway, just saying 'hey' and thanks.”

Loopy C (via email)

"...There are 64 really great presets complete with midi maps which allow for some serious expression through aftertouch and the mod wheel.

     I must say although he says there is a leaning toward out of worldly sounds and there are plenty of those to be had. In fact I just love how strange and etherial this instrument can sound considering one of its jobs is to emulate very acoustic sounding things. And it does a mighty fine job of that too. There are some very acoustic sounds even in this library.

So great programming and well done. Love it! "

Jeff Evans

“I've now had a chance to install and play with this sound bank - I just wanted to say thanks! There are many excellent sounds in this bank, very inspiring!”

D.S. (via email)

Fxpansion DCAM Synth Squad Antiquity sound bank.

“Damn! All I can say is please keep the presets coming! I knew these synths were capable of some super fantastic unreal sounds but I also knew I don't have the time, patience or skill as a programmer to bring them to life....thank God you do! I had made up my mind to pass these by and did, I even bought something else that was more focused on presets.(IK Multimedia Workstation/white box) strong as well, but with D-CAM presets, I can do even more unique/original material. Thank you for putting some true creative excitement back in my brain! Can't wait for you to work your magic on STROBE and AMBER!! ”

O'Bryan (via email)

“Just a few words of appreciation... I got the Antiquity sound bank, and after playing around with it... it's so very, very good! Well done, man! I usually do all my own sounds, and I almost never buy expansions for my synths, but the demos really convinced me. You really tamed the beasty Cypher, and got some awesome and varied nostalgia out of it. Off to play some 70s Genesis and Gentle Giant prog tunes...”

ariston KVR forum post

“Just bought it. I've been waiting for these. I love that old sound. Especially those 1970s Stevie Wonder/Hancock sounds”.

Dcspears Fxpansion forum post

“Awesome, bought the presets a few hours ago and have been thoroughly enjoying them! Nice one Himalaya”

Delie  Fxpansion forum post

Camel Audio Alchemy Pads Vol 1

“These are really some of the best Pad sounds I have ever heard! I have the reFX Nexus with a lot of expansions, but I now only use your Pad presets. This was worth every penny. My compliments to you.”

I.S. (via email)

"these are absolutely FANTASTIC. Thank you very much indeed! I would highly recommend this soundset to every Alchemy user"

sequent 7 (KVR forum)

"I have to say... this really is definitely my favourite bank on Alchemy ......I am glad I can find lots of use for your presets...hoping you make more banks for Alchemy."

RSP (via email)

" These are really,REALLY good. I could hear a great analog legacy in the demos's but these also exude and excel in combining a creamy Tomita-like goodness with some very new, modern, abstract textures (especially via Kore, where I principally live)." Loopy C (via email)

"many thanks for the excellent sounds. It'll take quite some time to really explore the depths of these patches -- but it'll be time well and enjoyingly spent! “

HT from Finland (via email)

RHINO 2 - ‘Sequence and Motion’ bank

“all i know is this soundbank ROKZ!”

ttoz - KVR forum

“Congratulations - you've proved Rhino an essential purchase. Lovely, delicate, complex...”

Madrayken - KVR forum

I don't know what else to say except I'm in radical awe at this sound bank. It's BEAUTIFUL, inspiring and totally makes Rhino shine, alive for me. Thanks, himalaya.

mayan - KVR forum


“The two new Tassman instruments are awesome. Respect.”

Lind Bohm, Krautnoise (via email)

"The demos sound great! This is some of the first Tassman patches  that sound truly 'organic'. Thanks for all your inspired work!"
W Poz (via email)

“These are both fascinating instruments that take the Tassman ‘where  no Tassman has gone before’."
William O'Connell (via email)


“Gotta be the best $US30 I've spent all year”

” contains enough sounds from each category to make a complete song with”

“I must tell you how pleased I am with your new Tassman presets”.

Source: AAS Forum.

“I'm buying this on faith without even listening to the demos - your's and Christophe's work is that good and I know I will not be disappointed”

“I don't think any Tassman user should be without this set as it brings Tassman to a whole new level”

“wow very nice demos, i don't have tassman, but you're making me lust for it...”

“This is awesome - even better than my high expectations”

Source: KVR Audio Forum


Thank you so much for the SY77 Sound Bank, I own the TG77 for over 20 years and was always a bit disappointed that I couldn't find pads sounding smooth and thrilling at the same time. Now I did. I didn't know that this tone generator had those capabilities. Thanx again.

U.S. From germany (via email)

“I ordered another professionally produced sounds disk from someone else and I have to say that your sounds are at least ten times better. You are definitely right to go for quality over quantity. Every single one of your sounds is amazing. If you ever release a "lead" disk for the SY77 I'll be interested.”

R.H. From The Netherlands (via email)

“Thank you for the soundbank. It has breathed new life into my old friend, the SY77.

Your sounds are very well programmed and inspiring.”

J.A from the USA (via email)

“The sounds are amazing, my congratulations... specially the evolving pads!”

A.A from Italy (via email)


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