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U-he Zebra2  
‘Analog Memories’ sound set

Expand your Zebra 2 synth with ‘Analog Memories’, a luxurious collection of 240 vintage analog-style presets suitable for a wide variety of music genres.

Rolling vintage Tangerine Dream-style arpeggios, silvery synth pop stabs, deep, tight bass sounds, lush and silky pads, leads for every soloist, cheesy and cinematic 1980’s brass, funky vocal sounds plus keys and vintage synth-strings galore. Every sound is made to be practical and very playable.

Easily modify each preset with the 4 XY pad controllers. Together with the mod wheel and aftertouch each preset can be tailored to your needs with ease.

Preset categories

40 Arpeggio
42 Bass
11 Brass
25 Pads
21 Keys
40 Leads
10 String machines
53 Synth - various
5 Vocal 

Purchase content

- 240 Zebra2 presets (latest Zebra2 update is required)
- PDF guide


Instant. Download link is provided immediately after purchase and also sent to the email address provided during purchase.

U-he Zebra2  ‘Analog Memories’
sound set


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