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U-he Zebra2  
‘Cinematic Pulsation’ sound set

64 presets designed to infuse film and game music soundtracks with pulsating energy, drive, rhythm, suspense. Choose from percussive sequences created with Zebra’s multi-stage envelopes, powerful pulsating bass layers that add deep foundations to your scores, dark and noisy under-layers, or high frequency, bright ‘sweetenings’ to balance busy arrangements with piercing, sizzling motion elements. 

From exotic percussion, war drums, to synthetic motion sequences, this set of patches provides a wide selection of finely crafted ‘cinematic pulsation’ sounds. Trigger a note and hear an inspiring rhythmic sound!

Each preset benefits from modulation assigned to all four XY pads as well as the modulation wheel and aftertouch. You will never have to access the deep synthesis parameters in Zebra2, simply move the XY pad nodes to customise the sound to your liking, often morphing it into a totally new timbre.

Check out the video below for closer look at a selection of 18 presets. You can hear how these presets sound as well as check out the interaction of the YX pads, the mod wheel and aftertouch assignments:

The following Soundcloud demo shows ‘Cinematic Pulsation’ presets in context of full movie scores courtesy of Niko Paterakis. You can hear how the percussive sequences create the necessary drive, add a sense of energy and adventure, helping the orchestral sounds ‘sit’ on solid rhythmic foundations.

Below you can hear all the 64 presets from the ‘Cinematic Pulsation’ sound set. Each preset is played very briefly and some also show the modulation available on the mod wheel or aftertouch:

Preset categories

- Percussive layers
- action run sequences
- top frequency sweetenings
- low bass lines
- heavy war drums

Purchase content

- 64 Zebra2 presets (latest Zebra2 update is required)
- PDF guide


Instant. Download link is provided immediately after purchase and also sent to the email address provided during purchase.

U-he Zebra2 ‘Cinematic Pulsation’
sound set


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