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TAL J-8  
’Techno On Jupiter’ sound set

‘Techno on Jupiter’ is a set of 108 presets for TAL-Audio’s Jupiter 8 emulation softsynth.
The vision behind these presets was to create a set of harder patches suitable for Techno or any kind of dance genre in need of lush analogue-style techno sounds.

A special feature of this sound set are the 7 Motion sounds (MOT) which utilise the two-layer design of J-8 and each layer’s LFOs to create complex rhythms. The multiple LFOs run at different rates which often creates double-rhythms. In some patches this creates a lovely syncopated motion which adds organic flow to any 4/4 dance drum loop.

Audio-rate modulation is in use in many of the ‘Pluck’ and ‘Synth’ sounds with harder clangorous attacks. 

If you desire more J-8 patches from me, then head stright back to the J-8 preset browser as it already contains a full bank of my presets (Look for ‘Neon Jupiter).

Preset categories

24 Arp
24 Bass
8 Effects
3 Lead
7 MOT (Motion)
7 Pad
11 Pluck
24 Synth - various

Purchase content

- 108 presets 
- PDF guide


Instant. Download link is provided immediately after purchase and also sent to the email address provided during purchase.

TAL Audio J-8 ’Techno On Jupiter'
sound set


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